Peeking Through The Noise (EPK)

Peeking Through The Noise (Promotional Image 1)


Peeking Through The Noise (PTTN) is the collaborative music project of Crystal Casey and Joseph Beaty. Their working relationship began in 2018 when Joseph and Crystal found each other on Instagram. They immediately started recording and sending files back and forth. After releasing a few solo tracks featuring one another as guest vocalists, the desire to create a full blown project was too great to ignore. Within a year, Joseph and Crystal would become PTTN and release their debut EP, Still Wandering. Followed by 2019’s “A Tone” EP, 2020’s Full Length, “Skeleton Keys” and several singles. 2024 brings the first extended release in four years titled, “What Will Not Decay?”

WHAT WILL NOT DECAY? Album Cover (2024)


What Will Not Decay? started as four separate ambient synth performances, all captured moments with no fixes of any kind. Without the usual constraint of rhythm, we then began to paint over each sonic background. What formed was a stream-of-consciousness journey that moves from the body in all directions. The concepts of creation and destruction collide, leaving behind only the question of what remains when everything in duality falls away. Additional layers of ASMR-type sound design crawling across the floor provide an immersive experience heard best with a nice set of headphones or in a room with a widespread speaker placement.

Fans of Ambient Music, Noise, Chelsea Wolfe, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil and Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross are sure to enjoy this 4-song set exploring minimalism, the contrast of light, dark, noise and angelic voice. Thoughts absent of the body and the mind that keeps pushing us back inside.

Crystal Casey of Peeking Through The Noise
Joseph Beaty of Peeking Through Noise

“Lightsake” Video

The first single from What Will Not Decay? is titled Lightsake. The video was created in collaboration with producer, Joseph Butera III of Georgia. Initial footage was recorded in Joseph and Crystal’s home studios and sent to Butera for effects treatment using AI. It was then manipulated further by Joseph Beaty to resemble a post apocalyptic vibe.

Still Image from the video, Lightsake by Peeking Through The Noise

Imagine yourself in this post apocalyptical bunker where your only source of entertainment was a small vintage TV running on an oozing battery. You see this vision of light and beauty emerging from the dark on the screen and it gives you this feeling of dread and also hope that better days are to come. I think we achieved that feeling with the Lightsake video.

-Joseph Beaty

“The Mind” Video

The second single and video from “What Will Not Decay?” is “The Mind“. The slow wind rolling through the beautiful flatland grass pulling at the glitching bodies set in the foreground. This visual represents PTTN in its purest form. The contrast of struggle, beauty, love, life, the human condition.

Still Image from the video, The Mind by Peeking Through The Noise